Empty clouds  for Claudia

no words

It might seem to be senseless to put a song in the list, that has no lyrics. To me, these 11 minutes of music mean a lot. It was the first song I ever recorded and actually the first tune I ever played on an acoustic piano. Up to then I was playing guitar, bass and drums, but no keyboards. When I started playing, I had no idea about what was going to happen. No song structure in mind, no cords prepared. Just a heart filled with overwhelming feelings of love and sorrow. The setting was a simple microphone to tape recording in one go. The performance was far from perfection, but everything was there: feelings, soul, truth my inner struggle laid down in touching notes. This experience changed my approach to music it changed my approach to life! So this song ought to be mentioned!


produced, arranged, composed and performed by musix
musix 1984

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