I miss U  for Yael

I miss U even though
we never came 2 know each other well
but something I can tell and that is true
I miss U

I miss the way U laughed
'baut little things U liked
I miss the way your sad eyes looked at me

I miss the way U used 2 play
with your curly hair
while your eyes focused on a point
that wasn't even there

and I never will 4get
that U once crossed my life
no I never will 4get
what U mean 2 me

I miss those little noises U made
while U've been talkin' 2 the phone
I miss the way U moved me
without touching me at all

no I never will 4get
and I wouldn't change a bit
I truely never will 4get
the time we had

I miss U more than my beating heart can tell
I miss U my love Yael

produced, arranged, composed and performed by musix
musix 1989

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