Waves of sympathy  for Israel, during the first Gulf-War

I'm feeling closer to you than I ever did before
there is a feeling inside I can't ignore
my stomach aches, my heart beats faster
I want you to know, you're like my second home

I worry for you, I can hardly sleep
the news I get, they cut so deep
in times of trouble, I stand on your side
waves of sympathy

after years and years lost in diaspora
facing the horror of thousand years of war
six millions murdered in the holocaust
no, I don't refuse this burden

I was welcome at your table
and more than that I became a friend (yes, I became a friend)
besides the thistle of shame, there is a blossom that grows
waves of sympathy

you build yourself a home, you made the desert bloom
four and a half million people and it'll be more soon
surching for shelter, peace and freedom
and a better future for their children

in a land that is filled with a unique spirit
that touched me deeply, with every breath I could feel it
and when the going gets tough, I want to assure you
of my
waves of sympathy

never loose the faith in yourself, give it a try
and the clouds of hatered will disappear from the sky
the strive of you people for a better future
will hopefully come true (soon come true)

yes, I'm feeling closer to you than ever before
this feeling inside me is growing more and more
and with the notes of this tune, I want to send to you
waves of sympathy

produced, arranged, composed and performed by musix
musix 1991

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